Granville Island Brewing Responsible Drinking
Policy Positions

At Granville Island Brewing putting the safety and enjoyment of our drinkers first is how we create relationships that last. Please see below for a responsible drinking policy.


We advertise to encourage beer drinkers to know about, taste and enjoy our great brews. We also aim to avoid any misunderstanding that we target underage drinkers or condone excessive drinking. As stated in our Global Commercial Responsibility Policy, we promote our beer to legal-drinking-age adults, and promote moderate and responsible consumption. Our standards apply to all our marketing outlets: print, broadcast, Internet, and social media. We also follow legal and self-regulatory requirements in all our markets.


Granville Island Brewing supports licensing of alcohol production and sales, as well as reasonable taxes on beer and other alcohol beverages. We also support laws establishing the drinking age and legal limits for drunk driving. We also believe that while all categories of alcohol beverages have inherent risks, drinks with higher concentration of alcohol carry additional risks that may justify higher rates of taxation. We support socially responsible pricing models in markets where there is promotion of excessively cheap alcohol products.


Alcohol-impaired driving is a serious problem in much of the world. If you plan to drink, we encourage you to plan an alternative to driving yourself. You should never drive while drunk. And if you’re with somebody who intends to drive but has had too much alcohol, be a good friend and help them to find an alternative, safe way home. Effective measures against alcohol-impaired driving include both criminal laws and administrative sanctions to take away licenses from drunk drivers. Granville Island Brewing supports effective drunk-driving enforcement in our established markets.


We don’t want underage consumers of our products under any circumstance. Drinking by young people may have health and social risks. We support the passage and enforcement of laws making underage sales and purchases illegal. At the same time, we recognize the critical importance of parents, other influential adults and older siblings and friends in ensuring that only those of legal drinking age purchase and drink our products.


Drinking large amounts of alcohol over a short period of time is dangerous. The obvious outcome is being drunk, but binge drinking can also lead to serious health and social problems. While there is no agreed definition of a “binge,” this pattern of extreme drinking exists among some consumers.

As a brewer, Granville Island Brewing works to reduce excessive drinking in several ways. We begin with our own workforce, with a clear policy and expectation about responsible drinking and entertaining. We extend this principle to our advertising and to our marketing policy, promoting only responsible drinking to our consumers.

Finally, we support effective programs that help people to make good decisions about their drinking. We urge anybody who is drinking too much to please cut back. And those who find that difficult should seek medical advice or contact a community alcohol-abuse support group.


For many adults in many cultures, enjoying a beer, spirits, or wine is an important part of their social lives. Many lifestyle choices carry potential risks and benefits. While some people choose not to drink, health authorities in many countries have developed national drinking guidelines to provide guidance on moderate consumption. We believe that for adults of legal drinking age, moderate alcohol consumption can be part of a well-balanced lifestyle.

Various health authorities and medical studies state that moderate consumption of alcohol may be associated with certain health benefits for some adults, including a protective effect against cardiovascular disease and diabetes. However, studies have also found that regular heavy drinking has been associated with several illnesses, including liver disease, high blood pressure, and an increased risk of certain types of cancer. Some studies have even reported an association between moderate alcohol consumption and an increased risk of breast cancer.

We do not recommend that anyone drink alcohol for its potential health benefits. For adults who do choose to drink, it is important to drink in moderation, avoid driving while intoxicated, and not drink during pregnancy. Those with specific questions about their own drinking are encouraged to consult their healthcare professionals. Together, they can determine what is best, based on individual risk factors, including family history, genetics, and lifestyle. For some people, the better choice may be to not drink at all. We are committed to promoting the moderate consumption of our products and encouraging responsible choices about alcohol.


If you are pregnant or intending to become pregnant, please don’t drink. We encourage you to discuss what you eat and drink and how you can take care of your health with your medical professional.


Our goal is to provide the alcohol content, nutritional and allergen information about each of our products, either through our websites or labels. Where required or requested by governments, we include prescribed language on health risks on our labels. We believe that more detailed information is best made available by public health agencies, special programs aimed at particular groups, such as pregnant women, and by medical professional’s familiar with each drinker.


While drinking is a part of many celebrations and social activities, special care should be taken when those occasions require a high degree of mental and physical ability. Drinking before activities that involve risks, such as sports, swimming, boating and other activities, can impair both judgment and coordination, jeopardizing the safety of yourself and others. If you choose to drink around these risky occasions, please wait to celebrate responsibly afterwards.


Granville Island Brewing beers are purchased by consumers at a variety of retail outlets for consumption on-premises (e.g., restaurants, bars, pubs, sports and concert venues) or to take-away (e.g., supermarkets, convenience stores, alcohol stores). Granville Island Brewing sells our product to these retail customers either directly, or through distributor networks. Thus, we typically do not have control of how our product is served or sold.

At the same time, we believe that responsible retailing plays an important part in reducing underage and irresponsible drinking. Trained retailers can ensure that alcohol products are sold only to consumers of legal drinking age, and not sold to intoxicated consumers. Trained staff can be the first line of defense against disruption caused by intoxicated consumers. Responsible serving practices including water and food availability, safe glassware and safe-ride home services also help reduce problems.


While licensed shops and pubs have legal requirements around responsible serving, all of us can follow good practice. Granville Island Brewing beers fit into a wide variety of occasions, but the focus of the occasion should not be drinking. Make sure you have non-alcoholic drinks available, serve food alongside with drinks and model responsible drinking yourself. Plan how everybody will get home safely. And above all, have a great time!