Our love of flavourful beer runs deep, and it inspired us to open as Canada’s first microbrewery back in 1984.

In a time of limited beer options, it became our mission to craft delicious, locally brewed beer that we were proud to share with our friends. Today, that mission remains the same, with every new style offered at our original small batch brewery on Granville Island.

From our very first Island Lager, to the wide variety of flavours we craft today, our beer is as flavourful and refreshing as the moments we spend together. Some are bold and full of life, others are a little more laid back – but every one is brewed with high quality, natural ingredients – and best enjoyed with friends.

Good beer + good people = It’s good to be here.




Better Beer for a Better Tomorrow

We celebrate our appreciation for where we come from by using local ingredients whenever possible. We’re also BC’s first bullfrogpowered brewery, which means we’re choosing clean, green electricity and green natural gas.

As part of the Canadian bottle pool, our 341ml bottles are re-used up to 13 times; spent grains from our Small Batch site go to farms for animal feed; and we participate in Granville Island’s Zero Waste Initiative.

It’s all part of ensuring it’s as good to be here tomorrow as it is today.