Growler & Crowler Fills


Can’t stay? No problem. Grab a Granville Island Brewing Growler and fill it with our latest Small Batch creation to share with your friends. Already have a growler on hand? Great – we’ll fill that one, too.

We rotate our brews on a regular basis, using only the best ingredients, and we often have a one-of-a-kind batch on tap. Chances are there’ll be a new brew next time you stop by, so bring your Growler back in. Fill. Enjoy. Repeat.

Granville Island Brewing Growler and Growlette: $5+tax per bottle/can

Growler Fill (1.89L, 64oz): $14

Growlette Fill (0.95L, 32oz): $8

Crowler and a Fill (1L): $8.50+deposit

Current Growler Brews*:

  • Pilsner
  • West Coast Pale Ale
  • Cypress Honey Lager
  • Infamous IPA
*Once it’s gone, we move on and may not get the list updated right away. For an up to the minute line-up of delicious beers, please call our retail store or drop by.
Growlers weaken and are compromised over time. If your Growler cracks, or explodes during a fill, we will not replace them as a result of wear and tear. We also reserve the right to refuse to fill Growlers which are not in good condition, so make sure your Growler is clean and fresh in order to be filled. We do not have a Growler cleaner on-site.



We offer Keg rentals for larger events. Please call 604.687.BREW (2739) to reserve for your event. Download our current Keg information and price list here.

Don’t know how to tap a keg? Check out how here!