So-Cal Style. BC Brewed.

Our team and the craft beer community took a shine to our So-Cal Style IPA last year, so we’re bringin’ er back for round two. We’re pretty happy with this brew so we haven’t changed a thing, we’ve just brewed more of it so more of you can actually drink it.

Our Brewmaster, Kevin Emms, was inspired, yes inspired, to create this beer by a trip he took down to San Diego in 2015.  San Diego’s a ‘pretty big deal’ in the craft beer world, its metro area is home to over 100 breweries. Kevin, doing his Brewmaster thing, took it upon himself to visit as many of those breweries as possible.

What he walked away with was some big, juicy & bold inspiration that he turned into our So-Cal Style IPA.

Kevin explains it so, “A So-Cal IPA is different from a traditional North Coast IPA in a few ways. You’ll find a So-Cal IPA to have less crystal malt, be lighter in colour and it’ll have more of a citrus hop flavour rather than the piney notes we find in a traditional North Coast IPA.” With a smirk, he also added, “It’s also got a bit more booze, sitting around 7% – 8%.

And that’s our So-Cal Style IPA. Like the state of California, it’s big, bold and beautiful. It’s got some big citrus and grapefruit notes thanks to a generous helping of West Coast hops, and it has a delightful, juicy, bright orange look. Give it a try with fish tacos and a citrus sals.

Our So-Cal Style IPA is available year-round in BC, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.


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