Valentine’s day is just around the corner. If your dating or with a partner, this of course means romantic dinners for two with maybe a nice glass of wine on the side. But what you might not know is that beer and food make just as good a pairing.

Beer refreshes and keeps the flavours of the dish intense, plus it provides flavours of its own to enhance the experience. When pairing beer with food there are three things we look out for. We call them the three C’s:

  • Cut: Try to match intensities. Light goes with light, rich with with.
  • Complement: Similar flavours that work together.
  • Contrast: Unique flavours that create a tapestry of flavour.

If you’re thinking of dishing up a candlelit dinner for your partner next Tuesday, then we suggest reading on for three Valentine’s Day food pairing suggestions that work with our Winter Mingler mix pack and new Small Batch Scottish Ale.

To Start – Opposites Attract 

Smoked proscuitto wrapped manzanilla olive stuffed with Goat milk Ricotta paired with our Lions Winter Ale 

This is a great example of contrast. The sweetness of our Lions Winter Ale balances the salty flavours from the smoked proscuitto wrap.

The Main – Some Like It Hot

Spicy mandarin tandoori masala curry with either our Infamous IPA or Island Lager

Two interesting variations but both make a great pairing. Our IPA adds to the flavour of the curry and works beautifully with the spices, whereas our lager is crisp and clean and allows the food to be at the forefront. To put together this dish, you will need the below.

  • Marinated ginger garlic chicken breast
  • Roasted Chickpea in a coconut and birds eye chilli and fresh squeezed sweet mandarin juice broth
  • garnished with fresh cilantro and sweet mandarin slices
  • served with a garlic charred flat bread

The Dessert – Sweet, Sweet hearts. 

White chocolate shortbread hearts with either our Maple Shack Cream Ale or Small Batch Scottish Ale

The caramel and toffee malt flavours found in our Maple Shack Cream Ale and Small Batch Scottish Ale complement the sweet biscuit taste of the shortbread. Plus, you can cut them into little heart shapes to get extra brownie points with your partner!

To find out how to make these little treats, go here and scroll down to the recipes at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you have a perfect Valentine’s Day!

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